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        Smart Giving helps those who want to give find volunteer opportunities that match their specific skills.

Do you run a charitable organization and need help? Maybe you need a DJ, a driver to chauffeur people around town or help designing a website. Whatever you need, Smart Giving can help.
        Smart Giving was created to help people find a smarter way to donate their time and give non-profit organizations a better way to find the help they need to become successful. We were created for those looking for smarter way to give back. If you have the skills to make money, you have the skills to give smart.
        Smart Giving wants to bring together those that want to help others with those organizations that need skilled volunteers. We want to become the match maker for all things charitable. Currently, those that want to give do not have a way to locate volunteer opportunities with their specific skills. They need a place where they can locate charitable opportunities in a smart way and join a community that shares their passion. Charitable organizations now have a place to locate those with skills and where user comments allow them to learn and grow. Smart Giving biggest expense will be marketing and our main priority will be helping non-profit organizations succeed.
        Smart Giving offers a set of tools that enable non-profit organizations to list their opportunities to volunteers worldwide. Smart Giving will also host various discussion groups and that online content will become valuable to volunteers and those that enjoy helping others.
        Once a member decides to list their opportunity to volunteers, they login and setup the opportunity so it becomes available to others. When a member volunteers for an opportunity, the organization is notified to contact the volunteer with the information needed to make the opportunity a success. After the opportunity is completed, the volunteer and the organizer are asked to leave feedback to build creditability.

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